What is software 2022/2023

We will talk about how to make software

and what things have to be taken care of while making it. So if you have to make the software in the right way without any mistake Virtual aspect of computer system is virtual aspect in which all the program instructions data file man is kept in the computer that all the programs run in the computer it is from whatever file the data file section All software called software is like a current in the computer, which keeps flowing in the wires in the virus or is saved in memory, we do many many things which run on the physical component sani hardware and on these we people When we do our work, software is a big reason,

it is a big scale word, if we take it from the smallest unit side, then first comes instruction Instruction means a single line written inside a single statement program to do something or the other. For each line there is a meaning and we meet in the evening, then it comes less and it is not made for complete, it is made for big cards, it completes some big work like if we have to prepare documentation so for him A. We have to use Miss World or use any word processor application, we will use software instructions to be a software can sakte hain FL computer mein jo data files badi unko bhi aap software kha sakte hain all where we people do our data If we do away with it, then if we talk in one line, then all the programs used in the computer are data file software software computer software.

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