Stock Market For Beginners 2022

We will talk about how to start investing

well with ₹ 5000 Hello friends I am Pranjal let’s start work there is absolutely no pundit in finology stock market, if you want, you can start ₹ 5000 also everyone wants to earn a lot of money But many of us are afraid to enter this market, so either we can always stay away from the rate or face this fear and enter the field and make a lot of money if you do not have much money. And it should be talked about getting away from it, if you speak in the beginning, then whatever staff you speak, maybe not the best dogs, you may earn more money by picking those stocks and after a few years, now you will laugh even what stop spoke first If it happens with

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we will start this wrong stop invest a little money I remember when I bought my first stock 4 years ago I could feel my heart beating that time pressing the buy button My heart was beating because of fear, we are afraid of falling but if you are afraid of falling then how will you learn to run, now I will tell you I will tell you step by step, starting with adding to your stock market, then the first thing to do in the stock market is to open a trading account, k how will the demat account account be kept when you have to buy, it opens near the stop, or the shares will sell on the buy side because We cannot buy direct stock exchange, if there is such a regulation, then you will have to open your account, you can do parcel trading with the broker, you can place orders and in this way you just get a website or a simple mobile which will cost you the least. I need you to be able to buy and send shares, you also take a lot of commission online and the best thing is, on whom will you buy and keep it in your demand account, then you do not have to pay even ₹ 1 if you buy shares and trading is absolutely free. Commission does not do very good, online account opening can be done immediately, if you want to get your account opened immediately, first you will benefit a lot in its national, in this situation we are saying that accept the profit that you have made and yourself To be considered a stock market genius Don’t forget that many people make profit, there is a loss that even if you have made profit, remember that it is not easy to earn money in the market if earning money but there is a difference between earning a couple of times and earning consistently, even if you make a profit. There has been a lot, yet focus on learning. Second, you may have bought shares, he may have lost you, because of this, either we think that the stock market is a gamble, it is a casino, I will stay away from it, they become motivated. That is not for us and say goodbye to investing forever and should learn that you had started making you successful. I would like to do that if you also fall then you will find the link in the description, go to that page and check all the recommended books

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