How to take mudra loan 2022/2023

Pradhanmantri mudra yojna

central can take a loan of up to Rs.100000 on easy terms to increase your business in case of accident, under this scheme, the type of loan is provided Shishu loan which is given loan up to ₹ 50000 Kishor loan In which loan from ₹ 50000 to ₹ 500000 is given and Tarun loan, which is given loan from ₹ 500000 to ₹ 1000000, taking loan under Mudra scheme has become a bit busy now that you don’t have to go to banks. There is no need to cut and you do not need to give a lot, you just have to apply online and within 15 minutes you will know

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how much amount

has been passed online under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana I am going to show you live how many You will get loan of amount, it depends on your profile, that is, what is the nature of your business, how much is your turnover, how much is your profit and loss, like how in this video I have applied Prasanna’s loan whose total sales of 1 year are ₹ It is around 200000, yet his loan of more than ₹ 50000 has been passed online cas I want to apply, let me show you, you have two options to apply for loan, you can apply from such loan in 59 minutes. com or you can apply from PSB loan in 59 minutes. com, both of them The only difference is that if you apply with SBI loan, then you will be able to apply for loan only from State Bank of India. com, for which click on register here, enter your full name here, enter an email id, enter a mobile number here, click on get OTP, will send OTP, will be put here, after that will accept the dance and click on the same After that you have to change a password, the password should be yours as given here, two options will come in front of you,

business loan and auto loan,

after that you will click on the same, now the application will come in front of you, you will have to free the data here. first you will suck here Have a GST number, if you have it, you will do it or else block that you have a bank statement for the last six months, you will do this if you file ITR, if not, you will use it and if you file then yes Will do it regularly and have not defaulted any loan nearby, you will do this, here you will give your consent and after that with all the points you will come in front of you, you will do yours here because we do not have it. We will suck here that GST is not required, after that you will get the details here, here you will enter the name of NTT, that means you will enter your business name and if you have got PAN card made in your business name. So you will put the PAN card number here and here you will give it since when did you start the business but if you are proper then you put your name here, put your PAN card number here and here you put your date of birth Give how many customers you put here, then you will click here, after that you have to type After this, click on submit, the income details have been saved successfully,

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after that

you will have to upload your bank statement, in which first you will feel which bank statement you want to upload so that we will do HDFC’s Suck here In which state HDFC Bank is not included in our statement in January and here also if you want you can also upload more than one bank statement bank statement you can easily download through net banking mobile banking then submit Click on it has been uploaded, after that you will click on it, after that the raw materials are available here, then you can average whether you have taken any pension or insurance scheme, if it has happened, then you will use any scheme Under you have taken, if not taken, then you will correct on it, then call you will have to return the property

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