How to take home loan 2022/2023

Hello friends, today we are talking about home loan, always when we want to take home loan, there will be trouble, then it feels like not to take it then on the other side.
So today we are going to know everything about home loan, first you should take home loan or not, how much should be taken second how much time should be taken thirdly we We will know that while taking a home loan, you should keep these things in mind so that you do not get caught in the wrong home loan. Invest Fifth We will know about a scheme from which you can get a very good interest subsidy on home loan We will know what are the income tax benefits on principal and interest on taking a home loan and I will also tell you how you can get online You can also apply for home loan nowadays, then you will know all this and much more about home loan and after this video I hope that whether to take home loan or not, how to take, how much to take, all these decisions are yours. Buying a home will become easier if it is your first home and you are buying a house to live in. Living purpose is not just on investment, so how did you get out you should take home loan now, there are some reasons for this first reason we Indians are not very emotional for our own house and we get mental satisfaction we bought our own house so that’s why ourselves If you are thinking of taking a home loan to buy a house for your own family, you will also get this one at a more affordable price than before. Second, if you buy your own house, you will get income tax benefits. There is milk nearby, interest up to ₹ 200000 will be commented, this is my income tax exemption, if you are at thirty percent, then you income tax of the year is the fourth reason like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, in which it depends in which income category you are from 300000 to 600006 12. What is the annual income of 12 to 18 lakhs, you can watch this video to know about the housing scheme on the interest of the loan, on which it will be found on the card, by the way, the road closure has been sent, will have to be decided soon. Must watch the video, its link above card and this video If it is in the description of, then if you get all this, then where are you, apart from this, don’t let it be more than Singh, I would say keep 25 cent percent of scope on tomorrow, if you want to take a car loan in the future, take this education loan, then a little To be clear, then suppose that if you earn ₹ 50000 a month, then you get more than ₹ 25 salary in your hand, more than twenty five percent of it is your minister, how much should it be but it should help you Guess its 800 comes close to 8:30 hundred or not, if you assume that 12:30 thousand is coming for you, then your people are around 16 17 lakh 15 lakhs, which is done around 8:30. Means that you should not take more than 6:00 ₹ 700000 from us, so in this way you can contact Interest rate i.e. as the interest rate in the market becomes less and more, what does RBI want due to the launch of RBI, when the interest rate will decrease, the interest rate will increase. According to him, he keeps on bringing changes in his policy and according to his interest, he does more or less.

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