How many types of insurance in India 2022/2023

Forcing you a lot to buy any policy

from them, then it becomes very important to know what is your insurance, what is the type And what are the advantages and disadvantages of taking this press, in this video we are going to talk about the same, if I tell in the language, then insurance means that you have to help your family on the loss caused to you by a company. Guarantee to give means to compensate for any of your losses, your life is insured and if an accident happens with you, the insurance company has compensated you for your loss or if there is a simple accident, you will get some payment. It is given,

which depends on your insurance policy,

the more you get, if you want to check someone, then you can check the insurance policy of any company by going to website and other company can do it. If his family has chosen him according to his payment rule, a limited payment is deposited and the person for whom If the policy is taken, if there is a disease, then the insurance company bears all the expenses, it is very important because every person gets spoiled every year, in this the company gives due to food and drink, it is common and If you have, then you study for medical expenses and it is stolen, then at that time the insurance company gives you clean to get your car repaired to meet the cost of the accident. Third party insurance is also done for

in which drivers or pedestrians can claim insurance

, this is very important because we do so hard word and deposit money If there is an accident on a car, then a separate money is needed to fix it, if you have insured your car, then the insurance company gives full cover if there is a fire in your house, the accident happens. It is very important for you and accidents happen with you. It has been made for the farmers and farmers must get it done on every crop, it does not happen that when there will be any objection to your crop if you get your crop insured. If you take, then you can do farming without any worry, if your crop gets spoiled due to some other reason, then the insurance company has compensated for your loss, if you keep cows in your house, then you can also get them done. If you are, then it is also done, apart from this a direct

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