Home (Property) Insurance vs Home Loan Insurance 2022/2023

Insurance Mandatory

is actually Property Insurance In some places some loans have special mandate that you have to take, so we will see all these things in a little detail If the property for some other property is found on the structure of your building and the items kept inside your property like furniture has become your electronics and consumer goods have become your jewelry, then there is material inside the property or its structure. We call it property insurance, if it happens to you that someone gets stolen, due to water seepage, an item gets damaged due to tension, someone gets damaged by law,

it becomes timeless.

For whatever reason, he gets it for 10 years and the rest, but if you take a home loan, then you will be pregnant for 20 years and talk furniture junior or you can take insurance together with both of you. The premium is decided and you have two options You can either take it and after 10 years if it was your 20 year loan then after 10 years if you assume 27 lakh loan is left then your 2700000 will be the same payment The amount you have inside Tofik ji gets fixed no matter what time your date is and the reality is within 20 years, this amount is there but its premium is high, if someone goes then what to do property

How is it calculated

inside the insurance that if you are insured, then it is insured according to it, this means that the cost of square feet comes Malini will be inside your city a furniture and all your consumer goods and jewelery If you are four-five years old, suppose the value of your production may be there, there is an outstanding amount inside the set grave, whatever your total amount inside it.

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