Bike insurance 2022/2023

By clicking on how to do insurance,

you can take the insurance of the car, you can renew and by clicking, you can claim the insurance that if we want to take the insurance of the two wheeler, then we will click on the bike, after that it will also be registered here by RTO. You will get the office here, here and here, after that, which company do you belong to, after that, when the policy details of the policy are expiring in front of you and when will your policy start, then here you can also edit them like If you want to change, then you can change from here, I want to take the policy, whatever details you have done, the coding plans will come in front of you, such as the copy is luck and comprehensive and of

third party

these three It is that in the third party you will get only third party car insurance, that means if there is any damage to someone’s property from tomorrow onwards, someone gets accident and dies, then only he will get this insurance cover, the difference in the rest of the comprehensive It happens that because of the company in the comprehensive Gives money by removing the value, while which car goes and has taken it, after 1 year your vehicle has an accident, it costs ₹ 50000, the value of your car and you will get only ₹ 50000, the rest by putting ₹ 20000 on your The car will have to be corrected while the value of the vehicle will not come and you will get full ₹ 50000, to get your car corrected, you can see all the plan details by clicking on the details of classes, in which it is written that the details will have to be billed, in this you will get the engine of your vehicle. Number will enter chassis number and previous policy number, which means you will enter the number of what you have already taken out of it If you have not taken any loan then you will keep it black, after that here you have to put the PUC certificate number And here you have to enter the end of the use certificate, after that click on it. Please give your details here, mail is female, you can also enter aadhar card pan card number and address will also have to be done and if you come here then you will also get it will be sent on email id but if you will check hard copy and you will get You will also get a hard copy, which will be sent to your address, after which you can contact and at the same time you will also get a WhatsApp number below, you can also contact on this for you to claim insurance and Here you will click on register, you will join your hands in this motor claim intimation by entering your policy number and vehicle registration number, then this is what is done

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